Dylan Dunnett

My name is Dylan, I’m a fully YMCA qualified personal trainer with a passion for inclusivity. I offer classes and sessions which cater to the LGBT community (which I myself am part of) and also to the needs of neurodiverse people (i.e. people who are autistic, have ADHD and other similar conditions).

I have lived experience of being an autistic, LGBT person navigating fitness spaces and learning to develop a positive relationship with exercise and I know how difficult it can be for us.

I want to provide a space for our community to reap the benefits of regular exercise whilst feeling understood and catered to. However, I welcome people from all walks of life, you do not need to be LGBT or neurodiverse to train with me!

I also adopt a body positive philosophy which can be lacking in a lot of fitness and wellness spaces. This means that I do not engage in, and expect my clients not to engage in, body shaming and negative comments about my own or others people’s bodies.

I understand this can be challenging for many people as we live in a culture which places high value on how our body looks and can often be extremely negative towards bodies that do not conform. I hope to provide a space where this can be challenged with empathy and understanding.